The world is in the midst of what some are calling the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  Development in fields such as robotics, sensors, energy, genetics, biotechnology, 3-D printing and nanotechnology are converging and will cause widespread changes and disruptions in most every facet of our world.  Including how we work and what we do for work.

SMART n TX is monitoring these technologies and their implementation in the north Texas area.  We are technology enthusiasts, engineers, business people, application experts.  We work in a number of area technology companies and consultancy groups.

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Cynthia Heyn  
Co-Editor, Founder and Managing Partner

Cynthia is product innovation leader, creating end-to-end product strategy and execution for Internet of Things (IoT) / Machine to Machine (M2M), Data driven analytics, Smart Grid and Smart Cities initiatives. Specializing in market introduction of new technology, turnaround strategies and crisis management, She possesses a passion for new leading edge technology and practical implementation of existing technology to provide intelligent solutions to solve every day as well as highly complex problems.

A life long learner with an unusually broad background in Executive management in Telecommunications and Information Technology and experience in the corporate, consulting and not for profit sectors,  She enjoyed a number of years living in working in Germany and Sweden, with extensive international experience managing markets around the globe.  The ability to recognize industry disruption and offer thought leadership for emerging products and markets is one of Cynthia’s greatest strengths.


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 Terri Adkisson

Terri Adkisson sees things that aren’t there yet, but should be. She combines a deep knowledge of business strategy, operations, and market development to help clients become more protable in less time.
Her clients have ranged from high-tech startups to a $2 Billion public agency that develops Arctic infrastructure. She assesses risks and opportunities and offers options where geographic, logistical, financial, and human capital constraints affect both public and private sectors. Her work has included projects as far away as Russia, Switzerland, and the Red Dog Mine in Alaska.
Ms. Adkisson is a Principal in the nFLXn Point Group, a consulting firm that helps companies get to the next level, and have fun doing it. Terri holds an MBA from UT Austin and a BBA in MIS from the University of Oklahoma. She is a graduate of Leadership Dallas and served on the Board of Directors for Dallas Area Rapid Transit
(DART) for 8 years. She currently chairs the Partnership Committee for the North Texas chapter of the US Green Building Council.

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Melinda Lockhart
Associate Partner

Melinda Lockhart spent her childhood disassembling and reassembling technologies to discover how things work (much to her parents’ dismay).  She continued her technology journey into her adulthood, spending time at all layers of the technology stack from software to hardware to networks and cabling, and m2m in aero engine telemetry.    Through this trek, her ability to look at a situation systemically and differently were demonstrated in her ability to problem solve business and technology challenges, develop pragmatic solutions, and clearly articulate a given solution’s business and financial value.

Melinda blends her skills in business and operational strategies with her experience in business development and operationalization. Her experience encompasses manufacturing, aerospace, government, financial services, and healthcare industries. She has lived overseas and worked extensively throughout Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, South America and the US.

Melinda’s knack for driving new business is equally as strong as her ability to turn around ailing businesses.  She has been “parachuted in” to critical business turnarounds; including on-site earthquake assistance to businesses and revising business strategies in response to the 9-11 impact.

As Co-Editor for SmartnTX, she provides current news in smart technologies and IoT in Texas, is the founder of Inbound Advisory Group, providing business and location strategies to foreign companies setting up subsidiaries, assessing acquisitions, or setting up operations in the US.

Melinda is a past board member of startups and various charitable boards, such as Habitat for Humanity.  She also served as a member of the Clinton Global Initiative. She is currently a Tri-Chair for Tech Titans Innovation Team and an Advisor for the Institute Economic Empowerment of Women.

Melinda led the joint industry-government cyber-security plan development under Clinton administration and served as advisor and policy expert to the European Union Commission on Cybercrime.

Ms. Lockhart received her Executive Education from London Business School and earned a Graduate Certificate in Finance from Southern Methodist University.  She received her Bachelor of Science from the University of Texas at Dallas.  She also has a certificate in Non-Profit Management.